Learning Disabilities

A learning disability is a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities - for example household tasks, socialising or managing money - which affects someone for their whole life. People with a learning disability may take longer to learn and may need support to develop new skills, understand complicated information and interact with other people. The level of support someone needs depends on the individual.


Support for people with learning disabilities during COVID-19 outbreak

People with learning disabilities face considerable health inequalities and this will be no different during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a selection of resources which are available for people with learning disabilities, their families and paid-for carers:

Public Health England has produced an easy-read document explaining why it’s so important for people to keep their distance from others during the coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19 Easy Read Documents


 All about COVID-19 Loss & Grief

 COVID-19 Visitors Guidance

 COVID-19 Grab and Go

 COVID-19 Communication Chart

 COVID-19 Pain Scale

 COVID-19 What happens if I go into hospital

 COVID-19 Why we wear PPE

 Pulse Oximeter Easy Read Document

 COVID 19 - Vaccination

 National Lockdown - Stay at Home


Flu Vaccine Resources Package 

We have developed a package of resources including newsletter copy, easy read documents (leaflets, posters, cards etc.), videos and more:

Communications toolkit, containing:

  • Context of premature death rates and reasons
  • Key messages
  • What GP surgeries can/should be doing
  • Collation of best available resources
  • Videos – Camilla getting her vaccine and a new collaborative with the misfits theatre company
  • Template newsletter / bulletin copy
  • Template press release
  • Regional advocate letter – empowering for carers/families coming up against barriers e.g. “not entitled to a free vaccine”. The letter outlines the key guidance and evidence to prove they are.
  • Social media messaging and graphics

Alongside the communications toolkit there is a grab pack for professionals – pulled together by our South West learning disability nurses network to aid increasing uptake. Good resource to flag with practice managers / primary care and CLDT (community learning disability teams). The pack includes tips on reasonable adjustments, a mental capacity check sheet, easy read invite letter/cards plus info on blood tests.

Lastly, we published a new flu awareness video this week – on behalf of the NHS, Misfits Theatre Company tackles the misinformation surrounding the flu vaccination head on and urges people with learning disabilities and their carers (family member or support worker) to not delay, and get their free flu vaccine today.