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Drug and Treatment Policies

Sub Fertility Policy

This is the current policy for St Helens.  Work is in progress to bring all CCGs in line and have one policy across Cheshire and Merseyside when we move to a Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System in June 2022


Access to CGM process for Children and Young People

Continuous Glucose Monitors

The CCG has changed the way that children/young people (C/YP) can access continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).  For C/YP who meet the NICE/CCG Policy guidance a prior approval process has been implemented facilitating more streamlined access to CGM. The clinical team who manage the care of the C/YP will lead this process as per the link below.

There will be no change for those cases where NICE criteria are not met and the current IFR process will remain in place.



Criteria Based Clinical Treatments (CBCT) policy

This is an updated version 4 of this document dated January 2022 to include CCG as above.

This policy describes the eligibility criteria under which Cheshire and Merseyside CCGs commission treatments or interventions classified as ‘Criteria Based Clinical Treatments’ (CBCT).

The term Criteria Based Clinical Treatments, refers to procedures and treatments that are of value, but only in the right clinical circumstances. Previously, they were referred to as Procedures of Low Clinical Priority (PLCP).

St Helens CCG has been participating in a review across Cheshire and Merseyside of the commissioning policy for Procedures of Low Clinical Priority (PLCP) which St Helens CCG approved in 2014. 

The review of this commissioning policy has been undertaken in stages with phases 1 and 2 ratified at our Governing Body in 2018 and phase 3 ratified in March 2020.  

The modified commissioning policy and the final versions of the phase 3 policies can be see here, together with each policy's Equality Impact and Risk Assessment (EIA).

The review of the policies will ensure that care is given based on need rather than any subjective judgements which can exacerbate health inequalities. Phase 3 policies have been reviewed and updated with the latest clinical guidance from NICE to ensure that the right patients get the care which will benefit them.

Please contact for any further information.

All policies and the equality and risk assessments can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Botulinum Toxin A & B policy

Botulinum Toxin A&B EIA

Continuous Glucose Monitoring policy

Insulin Pump Therapy EIA

Secondary Care Administered Steroid Peripheral Joint Injections policy

Secondary Care Joint Injections EIA

Pinnaplasty (Otoplasty) Revised Policy

Prostatism/Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms policy

Prostatism EIA

Transanal Irrigation policy

Transanal Irrigation EIA


As of Monday 1 April, NHS St Helens CCG embedded all 17 NHS England evidence based intervention (EBI) policies.

Gluten Free Prescribing Policy

Self Care Policy