26 Feb 2018

What is the neurodevelopmental pathway?
Our neurodevelopmental pathway team work with children and young people with complex neurodevelopmental difficulties, who require a multi-agency assessment to gain a better understanding of their needs. The assessments are carried out by professionals from St Helens Local Authority eg. Educational Psychologists, Language and Social Communication Team Teachers, Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust eg. Community Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists and North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust eg. Consultant Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapists and others. These results of these coordinated assessments are considered by a multi-agency panel. This may result in a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), General Developmental Delay (GDD) or difficulties with Attachment.
Who are we?
Lynsey Boggan                       Neurodevelopmental Pathway Lead
Stephanie Shard                     Neurodevelopmental Pathway Coordinator
Diane Cunliffe                         Neurodevelopmental Pathway Administrator
Where are we based?
Our address is:
St Helens Neurodevelopmental Pathway Team
O’Hanlon Centre
Marshalls Cross Road
St Helens
Our telephone number is:
01744 646 517
How do you access the service
We accept referrals from professionals using our referral form for children who require a multi-agency assessment of their needs.
Where can I find out more information?
Find about more about the service on our website:
We look forward to continuing working with the children and families in St Helens to provide a high-quality neurodevelopmental pathway service.