18 Jul 2018

NHS England has (12th July) published its 2017/18 annual assurance ratings, known as Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF) ratings, for all Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England.

These ratings provide a benchmark for CCG, so they can compare themselves to others and assess where they need to focus. It also gives national and local regulators and partners an indication of where more support is needed.

The overall rating for NHS St Helens CCG in 2017/18 is ‘Good’. This rating is a continued improvement on the last two years ratings which have gone from 'inadequate' in 2015/16, to ‘Required Improvement’ in 2016/17. 

Geoffrey Appleton, GB Chair for NHS St Helens CCG, said: “The improved assessment rating for the CCG is a clear indication that we’re delivering strong, high quality and innovative care for our local patients.”

He added: “This time two years ago we were given a clear remit to get a grip on our finances and balance our books, as well as improve our relationship with our providers and wider partners. This improvement in rating demonstrates our commitment over the past two years and shows that we have done just that in a short space of time."

Professor Sarah O'Brien, Clinical Accountable Officer for NHS St Helens CCG added: “As we move forward we acknowledge the work that has been done and continue to develop plans that bring further control and management of our financial situation and strengthen our relationships.

“These plans are absolutely being done by working closely with our local health and care partners and we look forward to continuing to improve and maintain our high standards of work in the future.”