01 Oct 2018

Have you ever wanted to learn a bit more about the weather? Would you like a better understanding of the forecast information that you see on TV or online?

Learn About Weather is an exciting course that we piloted last September. The course will run over four weeks, with a few hours of learning per week. Weeks one to three cover the basics of weather, starting with the big picture, moving on to synoptic charts, air masses, fronts, wind and clouds.

Then at week four, we put that theory into practice by looking at some leisure activities that can be impacted by the weather.

Are you a gardener? Alongside the Royal Horticultural Society, we’ll be offering expert advice on how to make the most of the weather, ways to garden in an environmentally friendly way and how you can adapt your garden to the changing climate.

Perhaps you’re a photographer? The weather can have big impacts on outdoor photography, and along with experts at the Royal Photographic Society, we can help you understand the weather and how it might impact your photographs.

Maybe you’re a walker? Being out in all weathers is part of the fun, but we’ll make sure you understand the dangers and implications of hazardous weather, and find out how to make the best of the weather forecast.

The course starts on 6 August 2018, but you can find out more and sign up now. It’s free, and no prior knowledge is required.

Don't worry if you miss the 6 August start - you can join the course after this point (although the later you leave it the less you will be able to take advantage of the live discussion and guidance available!).

To sign up or see more information on the course visit www.futurelearn.com/courses/learn-about-weather. On Twitter use the hashtag #FLLearnAboutWeather

View the Met Office YouTube video here