04 May 2018

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s leading cancer centres providing highly specialist cancer care to a population of 2.3m people across Cheshire, Merseyside and the surrounding areas including the Isle of Man.

It is a tertiary cancer centre which means that they see patients who have already been diagnosed and referred to by other hospitals. They provide non-surgical cancer care e.g. chemotherapy and radiotherapy for solid tumours and blood cancers.

NHS St Helens CCG works towards its cancer strategy with support from our Clinical Lead for Cancer, Dr Paul Rose. You can find a video or Dr Rose updating the strategy here. The aim of St Helens Cancer Strategy is to significantly improve outcomes for people affected by cancer, with the specific objectives of seeking to reduce the incidence of cancer, improving survival rates, and improving patient experience and quality of life both during treatment and after treatment for cancer is complete. Working with centres like Clatterbridge means that we are able to work towards our aim with the best possible Cancer care and Treatment made available to us to achieve it. 

We are extremely lucky to have such a great facility in Merseyside and would like to thank Clatterbridge Cancer Centre for all their hard work and dedication over the past 60 years!