Public Health Services


Health Visiting


Health visitors are specialist public health trained nurses who hold qualifications and skills in child health and development, who offer support for pregnant women and families with children below school age.


School Nursing


School Nursing Service is available to all children and young people aged five to 19. The Teams deliver the Healthy Child Programme by promoting good health, preventing ill-health and providing services to do with physical and emotional health, including sexual health.


Family Nurse


The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a non-judgemental, voluntary home visiting programme which supports first time young mums, aged 19 years or under. Young mums are supported by nurses with specialist knowledge through structured home visits that start in early pregnancy, continuing until the child’s second birthday.

Vaccinations and


We provide the routine national immunisation programme for school-aged children in St Helens. You can find out which immunisations your child needs, by visiting NHS Choices.


Specialist Vision Screening


The Orthoptic Department provides expert assessment and treatment of childhood vision defects for CYP with additional needs

Orthopic Department website 

Vision Screening in Special Educational Needs (SEN) Schools Leaflet

National Child
Measurement Programme


The National Child Measurement Programme is delivered by the school nursing teams in St Helens as part of the healthy child programme


Infant Feeding


The service offers a professional and caring approach to supporting mothers and families who wish to begin and continue breastfeeding for as long as they wish.

Children’s Specialist Weight Management Service


Support for children and families to eat healthier and exercise more through fun and engaging sessions offering nutritional information and exercise and games. 

Children’s Well-Being Service


St Helens Wellbeing service makes it easier to access a wide range of healthy living and wellbeing support through a ’one stop shop’. They have joined up services that provide advice and help with healthy eating, exercise, weight management, stopping smoking, breastfeeding, emotional and social wellbeing, oral health and volunteering.