Healthwatch St Helens

Healthwatch is a watchdog for St Helens for people with comments or complaints to make about health and social care services.

In 2012 Local Healthwatch was created in law alongside a lot of other major changes to the NHS. Healthwatch St Helens replaces St Helens Local Involvement Network (LINk) – a network of volunteers and organisations who are now Healthwatch members – and we want to continue to hear your views on how local health and social care services can improve. 

The organisation can also help you find out what services are in your local area and how to e.g. change your GP or what the quality is of hospitals you might get referred to. So join the members of Healthwatch and get involved in having your say; you’ll get a monthly mail out of information, regular newsletters by post or e-mail and you can come to any of the public coffee mornings on all sorts of topics about health and social care. It's free and you can get involved as much or as little as you want. 

Healthwatch can also send out information about what your group is doing to all our members for free, that’s almost 800 and growing, across St Helens.

you can also view Healthwatch St Helens Annual Report 2017/2018

Call Healthwatch free on 0300 111 0007

Healthwatch St Helens Complaints Advocacy 

Find out more information about the service here along with the referral form.