Community Talkfest - Locality Engagement Events October 2019

Talkfest in October will focus on the following areas:

Local Health and social care

Flu and the importance of the vaccine

Mental Health

Local services available how and when to access them.


This talkfest will work slightly different and the team will solely focus on working with existing groups such as:


  • Parent and child groups (variety across the borough)
  • Coffee and chat sessions (across the borough)
  • Carers Centre (adult and young carers)
  • Children’s Centres (variety across the borough)
  • Get together sessions (variety across the borough)
  • Healthwatch
  • Co-op distribution centre
  • Library session (variety across the borough)
  • St Helens College (main session and attended individual class sessions)


An invite was sent to all third sector and voluntary organisations for the team to attend and run dedicated sessions. As well as the sessions information was communicated through social media channels.