Contact Cares feedback

Contact Cares was developed as part of St Helens Cares to assist in addressing 'cost' and 'demand' as part of a system transformation. It was built on the Integrated Access St Helens Service (IASH), which over a number of years had already expanded to include - assessment and review, social care advice, reablement services. Then an opportunity became available to build on these services to provide a single point of contact - Contact Cares.

What was Contact Cares seeking to achieve?

They wanted to provide an accessible first point of contact for health and social care that provided information regarding the services that are available across the borough - including statutory, non-statutory and voluntary/ third sector. They also wanted to provide services which are available 24/7 365 days a year (where there is demand / they are needed).

Key changes made so far

  • new shift pattern to facilitate all Contact Cares services are accessible
  • call management with new technology set up
  • Contact Cares advisors able to deal with a wide range of queries
  • go live with one number 676767
  • reviewed all processes linked with the Contact Centre to streamline and ensure they are asking the 'right' questions for the full range of services.

They are now after your help and want you to provide feedback, if you have used Contact Cares for yourself or someone else please take a couple of minutes and answer the five questions on the below survey. These answers will then be fed back to the team for evaluation and will feed into the next steps.